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3 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. My father worked at Burger Chef in the 70’s. When the franchise began to close my father took over the original building on 3303 N.Lamar in Austin, Texas and it has become our family business for over 35 years. ( It is now Hill-Berts Burgers). We stayed in the original building for 35 years and the property owner eventually sold the lot. We have continued our business with 3 locations and it has really been a blessing in our lives! We still use the original flame broiler and our burgers are amazing!! I have a few of the original Burger Chef coupon special handouts dated Leap Year 1972!! We will always be a part of the Burger Chef history!!
    Kimberley Maldonado Rivera
    (daughter of Hilbert Maldonado owner and operator)

    • Thank you so much for finding my site and for sharing your story Kimberley. It’s been far too long since I’ve been in Austin. Next time I get down there I’m definitely going to stop in to try your butter-fat shakes and your fine fast food.

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