Brewster, NY: Red Rooster Drive-In’s Cheeseburger

It’s pretty hard to break too much new ground in describing the often-praised burgers at this roadside throwback so I won’t even try.  I’ll just let the picture speak for itself and direct you to some great reviews elsewhere (NYTHamburger Heaven), including the listing that originally piqued my interest over at

What I can add is this – I have never had a fast food-style cheeseburger with as much flavor as this one.  It seems incongruous because there doesn’t appear to be much to this equation.  Just a 1/4 lb(ish) hand-formed beef patty cooked up fresh right before your eyes then crowned with perfectly melted yellow American cheese and a cadre of exceedingly fresh toppings all wrapped up in a squishy white bun.  Nope, no magic there, but somewhere along the way this burger picks up a depth of flavor that blew me away.  In an era of ever-increasingly complex burgers, it takes a basic set-up like Red Rooster’s to remind me what it is I truly enjoy about burgers – the powerful taste of simple, fresh ingredients.  No secret sauce, no proprietary blends, no artisan baked rolls, no celebrity chef, no trendy decor…nada.  Just pure happiness on a paper plate.

If you are heading upstate out of New York City (perhaps on your way to Joe Beez in Kingston) look for this candy-striped A-framed hut, it is truly a worthwhile stop.  Grab one of their stellar milkshakes and if you have time, fit in a game of mini-golf and then rue the fact that when your parents were kids places like the Red Rooster were a dime a dozen.

Click here for an additional picture
Red Rooster Drive-In
1566 Route 22
Brewster, NY‎
(845) 279-8046‎

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