Flushing, NY: Double Bacon Cheeseburger at Joe’s BestBurger

39-11 Main Street
Flushing, NY 11354-5429
(718) 445-8065

The three sweetest words in the English language may just be “Free Bacon Upgrade” and that is exactly what I encountered at Joe’s BestBurger in bustling Flushing (Queens), NY last week.  Until the end of April (hurry!) they are offering free bacon with your double cheeseburger combo and the perfectly cooked pork planks gild the lily on what has to be one of the best fast-food style burgers you can grab on the East Coast.

I am going to consciously try to avoid the name of the West Coast place that has the same “keep it simple” style and coy “secret” menu because I think at the end of the day it is a frustrating and fruitless comparison.  Let’s face it, as much as those of us on the right side of the continent can opine about…oh heck, I’ll just use their initials…INO, we just can’t get it.  Every so often some of us can hop on planes and head westward to get our fix, but the majority of the time we have to search out reasonable facsimiles and Joe’s completely nails it for me.

I have a satellite office just a few yards from Joe’s (just passed the guy selling lamb on a stick for $1 – well worth it, too – ask for it spicy) and I always make it a point to drop in for a burger when I am in town.  Freshness is a mantra at Joe’s which is initially confounding because the place looks like a cookie cutter fast food joint.  Our subsconcious has been trained to expect our meals in 30 seconds flat, piping hot from below pink-ish hued heat lamps, when we encounter this much formica and a battalion of uniformed cashiers and cooks.  What Joe’s does is take the best parts from the fast food concept (uniform product, consistent branding and competitive pricing to name a few) and then delivers a hell of a product.

Burgers go on the griddle after you order them and baskets of fresh cut fries wait to dip in the bubbling oil pools until you’ve made up your mind between them and the equally worthy onion rings.  The made-to-order cooking means it takes about 3-5 minutes to get your food, but that is time well spent loading up on frothy chocolate soda from one of two soda dispensers (a name brand cola dispenser and another one offering a variety of Joe’s own branded soda).

Burger construction isn’t an afterthought at Joe’s.  For my bacon double cheeseburger, the cook prepared the cold bottom bun with a thousand-island style burger sauce, then rests a bright red tomato on top which is then flanked with a piece of lettuce.  Each wide and thin (1/4 lb-ish patty) is topped with yellow cheese and a slice of bacon, then one is stacked on the other and carefully balanced with the top bun.  The gooey meat stack is then lifted off the griddle with a nice supply of glistening grease still hanging on for the trip to meet its cold cousins before being wrapped up in wax paper and placed on the tray.  With the aforementioned fries this is a burger worth driving a couple hundred miles for.

I know what you’re saying, “If this place is so good, why aren’t people raving about it 24/7?”  I think this place is under-hyped because quite frankly there are thousands of better things to eat in Flushing.  No knock on Joe’s, it is top-notch, but the variety of authentic and exotic Asian food available in a relatively small footprint is mind boggling.  Choosing to eat a burger, even for a burger lover like me, means wasting a limited opportunity to eat something else amazing.  That said, I encourage you to try Joe’s (or at least engage in some major league gluttony to take in a few of the other offerings in the neighborhood – both above ground and below ground) if only because they aren’t opening an In-N-Out on the east coast anytime soon.

Hungry for more?  Read A Hamburger Today’s take on Joe’s from 2005.

Phillies fans take note, Joe’s is maybe a mile away from Citi Field, home of the Mets.  Two Sunday day games are scheduled for later in the season (8/15 and 9/12), both 1:10 starts, which means it is perfectly reasonable to sneak up for the day to catch a game and some burgers.

3 thoughts on “Flushing, NY: Double Bacon Cheeseburger at Joe’s BestBurger

  1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I am glad you liked our food, it has actually taken a lot of time and investment to come up with the formula. We can’t please everyone, some are un-pleasable, but we try.
    Thanks again-

  2. Please, please move out of flushing. It’s a horrible location for what could be the next big NYC burger franchise. I am a big fan of Joe’s but I don’t see it lasting for too long at the current locale, which would be a travesty. A digital marketing campaign utilizing location-based targeting and some other social media elements would really help as well. =)


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