Burger On-Deck Circle (Another Update): Elevation Burger Wynnewood, PA & Weird Twitter Story

Note in the comments section of the last post from the owner of the Wynnewood location says “July 4th should be the first day for Elevation Burger.”

Plus, interesting story in the Wall Street Journal about Twitter Imposters, the last place I expected to read about Elevation Burger…weird tale though -> read full story here or excerpt below.

At Elevation Burger, a seven-outlet chain owned by Elevation Franchise Ventures LLC, a vendor in March found an unauthorized Twitter profile with tweets promoting rival Z Burger. Hans Hess, Elevation’s founder and chief executive, complained to Z Burger and Twitter, which later suspended the profile after a letter from Mr. Hess’s lawyer.

Kenny Fried, a publicist representing Z Burger, says owner Peter Tabibian created the Elevation Burger profile on Twitter, as well as profiles in two other competitors’ names, “to be creative and fun in promoting Z Burger” and didn’t intend to be malicious.

Mr. Hess calls the stunt “extremely unprofessional.”

Old stuff below:

Just a quick note to say the sign went up yesterday! Can’t be too much longer now. Lots of activity over the past few weeks means hopefully they will be open before the end of the month. Will update with pics for those interested via the Twitter feed later today.

Read my Elevation Burger post from February here.

If this place is half as good as I am anticipating I am going to have to alter my route home from work.

4 thoughts on “Burger On-Deck Circle (Another Update): Elevation Burger Wynnewood, PA & Weird Twitter Story

  1. Elevation sounds so good, next time I’m in PA I’ll have to def. stop by…

    Have you ever tried burgers from San Diego? You HAVE to visit/do a piece on this place called Burger Lounge–beef coming from Kansas grass-fed animals. So juicy and thick…yum.

  2. Signs down off the windows as I drove by tonight and the lights were on…thought it would be too stalker-ish to press my face on the windows. Needless to say it won’t be much longer now. I’ll post info about a meetup as there are a few others in the area interested in a group tasting.

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