Burger Tweets: Beyond 140 Characters

picture-1Doing some housekeeping on the site this morning and noticed that a few days had passed since the last post (more to do with the last post being about the birth of our son than with the lack of burger related news). Like millions of folks I have been “tweeting” and since I have more readers here than followers there I thought I’d republish a few recent tweets (with some extra info that I couldn’t cram in with the 140-character limit) to hold you over until I finish up a few pending posts.  Feel free to follow me @burgatory.


R.I.P. Gino’s Genie (Dom DeLuise) http://ow.ly/5kyz Nostalgic for the old Gino’s chain? Check out this amazing fan site http://ow.ly/5kyO

Remembering the late Dom DeLuise and stumbled upon info that he was the “Gino’s Genie.”  Gino’s was an east coast burger/chicken chain which ceased operations in the 1980s.  I can distinctly remember the location near my parent’s house.  Didn’t remember DeLuise in this role, but this was pretty much the only burger link I could find on the Internet (stunning considering his size and love for food).  The Gino’s fan site run by John S. Flack, Jr. is pretty amazing and a great way to waste some time on the web.


A Dogmatic Hot Dog cart for sale on Craigslist? http://ow.ly/59r7 Did you ever see their promo video? Amazing! NSFW http://ow.ly/59ri

Still not sure the deal with the cart (seems odd that it was only used 40 times?), but the video is really great -> click to view.  Clearly not burger related but I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that if you like burgers you like hot dogs, too.


Burger/Baseball News: Summer Collegiate Baseball ‘Prospect” League Has 2 Teams Named “Sliders” Uh-oh. http://ow.ly/4SMc Mmmmmmm Sliders.

Remember back in the day when ESPN would show Canadian Football League games and every so often you’d tune in to see the Ottowa Rough Riders play Saskatchewan Roughriders (notice the subtle difference in team names).  8 teams in the league and 2 of them had the same name?  Fast-forward and switch sports and the newest summer college baseball circuit, the Prospect League, offers baseball and burger lovers 2 teams named the “Sliders.”  Oddly enough the teams do not meet during the regular season so here’s hoping both teams do well so we can see a post-season “Sliders” vs “Sliders” matchup.

Slippery Rock Sliders

Springfield Sliders


Oddly mesmerized by the intro video over @CounterBurger http://ow.ly/3CFz Might set baby up in front of computer screen to pacify him.

If you can pull yourself away from the screen you are a better person than me.  Utterly mesmerizing.  Click

ps:  Baby still not sleeping, G-d bless my wife for doing most of the heavy lifting with him while I manage our 3 year old (and her burger dreams).

Twitter image modified from free image availale via webdesign.fm

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