Burger Toys: Melissa & Doug Will Turn Your 3 Year Old Into A Burger Snob


Found this in my daughter’s play kitchen the other day…as best I can tell it is a double burger with tomato and egg (with the tomato in between two burger patties…pretty revolutionary!).  If this were available in a restaurant, I would order it!  Can you say “proud poppa”?

A few month’s back my daughter received the Melissa & Doug’s Wooden Sandwich Making Kit, which features a myriad of sandwich making options.  The folks at M&D must be burger fans because one of the “meat” options is clearly a hamburger (it even comes with a seeded burger bun) and most of the toppings work perfectly on burgers (in the real world).  Tomatoes, lettuce and pickles are joined by ham, egg and two different types of cheese to offer hundreds of options for imaginary play.

At 3 years old my daughter has already carved out some fairly sophisticated burger tastes, having been dragged (along with mom) to joints up and down the east coast.  From Shady Glen Dairy to Monk’s, Ted’s Steamed Cheeseburgers to Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage, she’s seen and sampled some of the best burgers around, so watching her play with this set and create her own “dream burgers” gives me a bizarre sense of pride.  Thankfully mom is around to ply her with vegan/vegetarian food most of the time to avoid her truly taking after dad.

I can just see the Juno-inspired Hamburger Phone in her room when she is a teenager (if phones even exist by then).

If you have a little burger lover at your house, they might like this book.


Burger Boy by Alan Durant

It is one of our favorites and gets quoted at least once a week…”I’m not a burger, I’m a boy!”

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