Burger News You Can’t Use: Can Butterburgers Sweep The Oscars (And The Nation)?


(UPDATE: Commercial via YOUTUBE)

Interesting missive from MediaWeek today about an ad buy for this Sunday’s Academy Awards. The Midwest (and slightly beyond) chain Culver’s has bought national TV time during the February 22nd ABC broadcast.

So here’s the big question – is the nation ready for ButterBurgers (or at least ButterBurger envy since most of us don’t live anywhere near a Culver’s – East Coast Cardiologists rejoice!)?

What is a ButterBurger?

Urban Dictionary Definition: the best food in the world. … a hamburger smothered in butter… then covered with a thick slice of cheese.
According to Culver’s:

Our signature ButterBurger® is made from fresh, never frozen, 100% U.S. raised beef and seared on a hot grill to seal in that juicy flavor.

ButterBurger stats (amazingly below 500 calories and “healthier” than a McD’s Quarter Pounder w/Cheese)

Oh my.

In a hopeful sign for the economy:

Chris Contino, vp, marketing for the chain, said in a statement: “Culver’s roots are in the Midwest, but we’re spreading across the country. We’re proof that good companies grow even in challenging times.”

And I hope they do grow.  George Motz featured the infamous ButterBurger at Solly’s in his film Hamburger America and I’ve been too scared to even try and recreate this at home.  Here’s a recipe courtesy of roadfood.com.  Proceed with caution.

I’ll be tuning in to see the spot on Sunday night.

Culver’s “I Am A Pickle” TV spot (Note: this is not the spot that will run during the Oscars)

Culver’s vs. In-N-Out Burger?


One thought on “Burger News You Can’t Use: Can Butterburgers Sweep The Oscars (And The Nation)?

  1. Take it from a midwesterner, the Butterburgers are that good. Ya know how home fries or hash browns cooked in butter have that rich, crispy potato goodness, while ones cooked in oil get crispy, but not rich? Same goes for burgers. Oh yeah.

    But the calorie numbers are misleading. The burgers are lower in calories, but you have to remember that Culvers is a frozen custard shop first and foremost. Amazing custard, too. So, tack on 1000 calories for the impossible to resist desert to each burger. (Or perhaps you have more willpower than I…)

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