Burger Recipes: Classed Up Jucy Lucy (mmmm…Brie)

Surf on over to Dana McCauley’s site if only for the picture of her Gourmet Brie Burger. Offered as an ode to her dad on Father’s Day, her post features the seemingly “manageable” recipe for what has to be an amazing burger (plus an option for the same burger wrapped in bacon).

She also offers up some incredibly worthwhile tips on how/when to apply cheese to your burger.

Top burgers with sliced cheese only after they are cooked to the desired internal temperature. Adding cheese too early can lead to tough, greasy cheese.

She’s written several books as well, including one called Dana’s Top Ten Table which contains 20 burger recipes. The book is called Top Ten Table because she focuses on each of the Top 10 food items consumed by North Americans (have to say that, she’s Canadian…not that there is anything wrong with that!).

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