Burgernomics: Dollar Menu Lives Another Day

Dollar Menu IconVia the Chicago Tribune comes the mildly exciting news that McDonalds’ Dollar Menu will not be a casualty of the recent spike in food (and commodity) prices.

From this article comes a pretty stunning fact, 14% of total sales at the fast food giant come for the Double Cheeseburger – an item on the Dollar Menu.

Some semi-depressing news on the Trans Fat front though…you tell me what warm and fuzzy feeling you get from McCEO James Skinner when you read this quote about removing TF from their menu’

“The commitment we made on trans fat was really around the french fry, and we have lived up to our commitment and achieved it in the U.S.,” Skinner said. “In fact, we have been done for a couple of months.”

So suffice to say, McD’s isn’t too concerned about TF in non-french fry items (like the above mentioned Double Cheeseburger which has 1.5g and the 32 oz. chocolate shake which has 2g).

As the economy continues to sputter, making the right choice and removing Trans Fats no doubt gets tougher and tougher for McD’s as they try and commit to the “value” inherent in the dollar menu and fast food dining in general.

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